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The exclusive trading platform by Horus

Experience the new era of smart trading with HDEX

HDEX offers a versatile trading experience with seamless integration of spot and futures contracts, backed by an advanced AI-powered trading bot for automated strategies

Unlock innovative features designed to revolutionize crypto investing and asset management with Horus

Staking & Restaking Solutions

Staking & Restaking Solutions Earning through advanced staking and Liquidity Staking Derivatives (LSDs) aggregators

Our app optimizes staking strategies, maximizes rewards, and mitigates risks for users, ensuring efficient asset utilization and higher returns.

  • Seamless cross-chain compatibility: enable users to stake assets on various blockchain networks, enhancing flexibility and utility for users.

  • Personalized Risk and Rewards Levels: with AI-driven auto-balance algorithms, users can customize their investment portfolios to align with their unique goals and risk tolerance levels.

  • Expanded Use Cases: Through interconnected integration with other DeFi apps, Horus enhances asset utilization with liquidity provision and yield farming.

Automated Investment Management

Manage your assets more efficiently by Horus - Alpha AI

Horus offers a comprehensive suite of portfolio analysis and management tools, including advanced automation-driven market analysis and AI bot-trading functionalities

Hardware Wallet Integration and Crypto Debit Card

Manage, Invest, Spend Cryptocurrency Anywhere, Seamlessly and Securely with Horus RWA

With our hardware wallet integration, users can securely and conveniently store their digital assets while enjoying streamlined staking capabilities. Additionally, our upcoming Horus Crypto Debit Card will provide seamless integration with decentralized applications, offering dual support for cryptocurrency and traditional currency spending, instant conversion, and cashback rewards.

Sustainable DeFi Ecosystem

Empowering DeFi Innovation and Community Growth

Horus Labs serves as the innovation hub within the Horus ecosystem, driving collaboration, funding, and technical enhancements to propel DeFi projects forward. Through various community efforts, technical infrastructure support, and partnership expansions, Horus Labs empowers developers, entrepreneurs, and individual users alike to thrive in the decentralized finance space.

  • Research and Development Initiatives

  • Ecosystem Funds

  • Technical Infrastructure Support

  • Layer-1 Foundation

  • Enhanced Users Exposures

  • Community Engagement

  • Financial Empowerment

Interconnected Infrastructure

Horus: Customized Re-staking on Binance Smart Chain

Horus offers users the opportunity to enhance their profits by offering a variety of staking and restaking possibilities across the range of tokens through the Binance Smart Chain network. This is facilitated by BSC's efficient processing capacity and minimal transaction fees. Discover our bespoke solutions crafted to address your specific requirements and begin increasing your earnings today!

Questions About our Horus?

We have Answers!

Can I stake assets with Horus?

Yes, Horus offers staking services that allow users to earn rewards by locking up their assets and participating in various staking protocols within the platform.

Does Horus offer support for multiple cryptocurrencies

Yes, Horus supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to manage and invest in various digital assets within the platform. We started with BNB, ETH, and will move on to various chains, including SOL, INJ, and so on.

What are the fees associated with using Horus?

Horus charges a percentage fees for our services, including transaction fees, staking fees, and management fees, which are transparently communicated to users before they confirm transactions.

Can I earn rewards by participating in Horus governance?

Yes, Horus offers governance token rewards to users who actively participate in governance processes, such as voting on proposals and contributing to community discussions.

How can I stay updated on the latest developments an updates from Horus?

Users can stay updated on the latest developments and updates from Horus by following our social media channels and regularly checking its official website for announcements and news updates.

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